Let's Go Electric helps communities reach their 100% clean energy goals

Electrifying means more than just replacing old, dirty appliances with cleaner, more efficient systems. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency, ensuring that the transition to clean energy is as cost-effective as possible.

By embracing electrifying, you not only make a positive impact on the environment but also pave the way for a sustainable future. Join the movement towards clean energy and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more comfortable, and cost-effective living environment.

This unique “Electrify” marketplace will make it easy to increase homeowner knowledge, identify a participating area contractor and access new financial incentives and rebates — all to help greatly reduce utility costs and ongoing household energy spending.


Why electrifying homes and businesses is important and how it relates to community clean energy goals


Connect customers to technologies and services to achieve electrification goals, demonstrate cost savings, and carbon avoidance


Information and resources on local, state, and federal incentives available and how to access them


Provide updates on new technologies, incentives, and opportunities to further the journey toward 100% electrification

LGE Marketplace Features:

  • Free energy profile to help get you started
  • Searchable/filterable solution listings
  • Educational resources and incentives
  • Customer dashboard
  • Group purchase feature
  • Contractor reviews
  • Inclusive financing options

For Contractors

  • Connect to new motivated and educated customers
  • Easy onboarding of new technologies and services
  • Resources to local, state, and federal incentives
  • Network, encourage and embrace electrification ecosystem

For Consumers

  • Road map to 100% electrification with actionable next steps
  • Resources and access to available incentives
  • Free educational events and community support
  • Access to inclusive financing opportunities

FOR YOUR Community

  • Report data and analysis on community-wide investment, economic development and carbon emissions reductions
  • Ensure equitable transition for all community members
  • Foster sense of community and motivation to meet clean energy goals

Let's Go Electric VS. Other Marketplace Platforms:

Let's Go Electric

LGE Marketplace Features
  • Local focus exclusively via Electrify Asheville-Buncombe
  • Membership/Lead generation at no cost
  • Power of local government support and communications
  • Direct cultivation of “Electrify” early adopters
  • Public awareness driven by earned media
  • Customized, unique financing options via NC Clean Energy Fund
  • Program manager from NCEF dedicated to support contractors
  • Assistance to homeowners to navigate through IRA incentives
  • Onboarding assistance/facilitation
  • Platform fee charged only for contracted, fully paid systems purchased

Angi / HomeAdvisor / etc.

Let's Compare
  • Cost to firms for each lead generated
  • Charges membership fees
  • Self-marketing with no administrative support
  • No local communications to explain heat pumps and incentives
  • No options from NC Clean Energy Fund available for participating firms
  • Government public awareness support not involved

Let's Go Electric today andfeel good
about your home or business.