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Partnering with communities to accelerate the adoption of high-efficiency electric technology to save money, use less energy and promote a healthier home and planet.

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Our “Electrify” marketplace makes it easy to increase homeowner knowledge, identify a participating area contractor and access new financial incentives and rebates — all to help greatly reduce utility costs, ongoing household energy spending, and promote a healthier home and planet.

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  • A free Energy Profile to help get you started
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  • Educational resources and incentives
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Let's Go Electric - For Consumers
  • Roadmap to 100% electrification with actionable next steps
  • Resources and access to available incentives
  • Free educational events and community support
  • Access to inclusive financing opportunities
Let's Go Electric - For Contractors
  • Connect to new motivated and educated customers
  • Easy onboarding of new technologies and services
  • Resources to local, state and federal incentives
  • Network, encourage and embrace electrification ecosystem
Let's Go Electric - For Communities
  • Report data and analysis on community-wide investment, economic development and carbon emissions reductions
  • Ensure equitable transition for all community members
  • Foster sense of community and motivation to meet clean energy goals

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Why electrifying homes and businesses is important and how it relates to community clean energy goals



Connect customers to technologies and services to reduce costs, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions



Information and resources on local, state and federal incentives available and how to access them



Updates on new technologies, incentives and opportunities to journey toward 100% electrification

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