Financing Your Electrification Journey

Electrify Asheville-Buncombe participants have the option to apply for a simple consumer loan to help finance their home electrification projects. Electrify ABC offers straightforward financing from a trusted community lender and will not disqualify people for low credit scores. Electrify ABC loans are available for high-efficiency all-electric appliances, installation, and upgrades needed to support those appliances.

Key features of the Electrify ABC loan:

  • Loans are provided by a trusted community credit union that is owned by its members.
  • Significantly lower interest rates than most credit cards.
  • Up to 30% of the loan can finance up to 30% of construction costs associated with an energy efficiency project.
  • Straightforward terms – no gimmicks and no gotchas. The Electrify ABC administrative program fee of 2.99% can be included in the loan amount.
  • This loan product was designed by the NC Clean Energy Fund to help you upgrade your home to cleaner and safer energy.
  • Buncombe County contributed to a fund that makes this loan available at a lower interest rate and to people with low credit scores.
  • This loan is unique to Electrify ABC and is only available to Buncombe County residents.

Questions? The friendly folks at the NC Clean Energy Fund are standing by to answer your questions: